What is turnover?

If anyone who reads our article from the beginning Probably passes the eyes of the word turnover several times because the turnover is an important component.

 at most of receiving the bonus Turnover, also known in English as Wagering, is the cumulative amount of bets made on the web casinos.


The balance increases each time a bet is placed. The web casino will have a turnover set. as part of the bonus withdrawal conditions for example


 The casino website gives a 100% bonus to new members. The condition is that the balance must be turned 10 times before the withdrawal can be made.


Members deposit 300 chapters, balance 10 times – Deposit 300 websites add 100% equal to 600 baht and have

to turn 10 times or 600 x 10 = 6,000 baht (the accumulated balance that must be completed in the account so it can be withdrawn)


Seeing this number Many people may not be confident in receiving the bonus with the terms of the turnover. who are afraid that they will not be able to make the top a thousand must


Always be aware that calculating the peak trend is not as difficult as you might think. because it is calculated from every bet It’s not the only win, so it’s not too difficult to claim the bonus and complete the turnover.