Direct Web VS Web Agent

Online gambling in this era It has become commonplace. And most people like to play with. Because access is easy. Just playing through a smart phone only. And today’s gambling websites have more and more to choose from. There are both Thai and foreign websites. There are both reliable and unreliable. But if you ask which

website is the most interesting to play and people are interested in? recommend this website which is the most powerful and complete website But first, I would like to recommend to new players who want to gamble online. About the types of online gambling websites first in order to know the difference and then use it to choose a

better website which we have collected information for you There are two types of online gambling websites, which are direct gambling websites. with a gambling website through an agent Let’s see how the two are different.

Differences of direct gambling websites and web through agents

For the following two web differences It will be a guideline for you to decide on the type of gambling website for you more carefully.

Direct web gambling website

• Make transactions quickly. Deposit-withdrawal transactions, log in or log out of the system This can be done through the web’s automated system. is that you can transfer money through your bank account. Access your account on your gambling website No need to go through other people’s hands

• Safer when money doesn’t go through other people’s hands before going to the website. Our money is safer. That’s because every step We are all managing ourselves.

• It is a big gambling website. A gambling website that uses a direct website deposit and withdrawal system Most of them are big websites. with many members Because this type of website must facilitate the members as much as possible.

web gambling through agents

• The transaction is slow. due to transaction time We have to transfer money to the agent. or the middle one first in order to allow him to add money to the system The transaction is therefore much slower. Maybe you have to wait half an hour. or an hour You can see that the convenience is quite different from the first method.

• Risk of being cheated. People who have been cheated from online gambling websites. One of the reasons is from choosing to play with this type of website itself. This means that if you have already transferred the money He does not add That means you’ve been scammed.

• There are always excuses to withdraw money. Many people come across this item often. When you play profitable and want to withdraw money There are often claims on the web that they cannot withdraw. or have to play to a higher turnover than this which is an excuse not to withdraw Because the website does not want to lose money. I want you to play it all.

• It is a new website. Most of these types of websites are new websites. There are not many members. Because if it is a big website, use the deposit method. Withdrawing money like this is definitely not in time, which website

should you choose to gamble with?

Now we can see the difference between these two types of websites. and should already know what kind of web to play with For the web that should be played Let’s see.

1. The minimum deposit is low.

Websites with low minimum requirements. or no set It will help you save a lot of capital. That is, do not require high capital to play there. Suitable for beginners

2. No history of cheating

Any website if there is no history of damage such as cheating members’ money or cheating in the game is considered okay, but if any website has it not recommended to play

3. Lots of games to choose from

A website with a wide variety of games to choose from. Most of them are websites that have been open for a long time. And each game should have a room. Or there are many tables to choose from. will not waste time waiting

4.Convenient to contact

If you have problems accessing It will be in the process of depositing, withdrawing money or problems in the game. Should be able to contact immediately 24 hours

5. Easy

to use Access to a good online gambling website. It should work on both mobile phones. and computer Most importantly, it must not twitch or crash often.

Conclusion about both types of gambling websites

All of these are details about both types of gambling websites that you should know before playing. especially new players However, if you are not comfortable finding the web by yourself. If you want to get the only website that has all the games to play, it’s a direct website, easy to use, recommend 12bet casino website, it will be

an option that you won’t be disappointed for sure. Just sign up for less than 5 minutes and you’re ready to go. and more special This website also has promotions. The more people who apply will get something special Better try to experience it for yourself. whether it’s really as good as it says or not