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Fish shooting games, just like normal games, small fish like minions are easy to deal with. But the reward of the small fish will be less. The bigger the fish, the bigger the prize money. The level of management difficulty will also increase. however, there is also a special kind of fish. that when we manage to get a gun or special ammunition So it’s a popular game. And popular to play around the house all over the

city. style of play online fish shooting game of each web will have a similar playing style So let’s get to know how to play the basic fish shooting game. How to place a bet The first step is to choose a playing position. and start placing bets By pressing the plus and minus symbols on the gun area, press plus to increase the bet amount. or subtract to reduce the bet amount The bet amount is the number of bullets

when fired. The minimum and maximum bet amount Will depend on the website of each service provider. How to choose a gun There are mainly two types of guns in fish shooting games, which are normal ammunition guns and electric guns. which will have different usage patterns depending on the situation in the game Players can switch guns by pressing the gun once by a normal gun. Suitable for

shooting much fish because it can be fired. and can shoot quickly and frequently The electric gun is suitable for shooting a single fish because it can shoot violently. The gun is used to shoot bosses. Therefore, it is recommended to use an electric gun.

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