How to increase your luck before entering the casino

play baccarat online baccarat How to make it tomorrow!! The ancient Chinese said How to increase your luck before entering the casino Chinese history and gambling go hand in hand for a long time. It is said that they have been together since the foundation of ethnicity. Therefore, the article was written with the intention of proposing the beliefs of

the ancient people that have been taught by the Chinese descendants of previous generations. That the story of winning each other

in gambling must always enhance the luck before playing. What are the methods of ancient Chinese teaching?

Stepping on the right foot always prevails. Start from walking into the casino door should step right foot in first. by letting the sole of the right foot hit the ground fully before walking into the casino because Ancient Chinese beliefs that The sole of the right foot is powerful. believed to be lucky Ancient European warriors, known as knights, always had the tradition of stepping on their right foot before going into battle.

wearing a green shirt Players should wear a green shirt to enhance gambling because instead of the symbol of the wood element to absorb water Because of the Chinese belief that water is money. Players suck money from the casino. Never wear blue or white clothes with gold. When you feel that your luck is falling, you should find a bag.

What color comes to yourselves? Gems like emeralds, aventurines, symbols of good fortune adorn the playtime. A survey of gambling behavior found that in Hong Kong and Macau casinos will find structures shaped like bat wings decorated with flashy colors, sharp, comparable to vampire bats. The player is called a casino. Green also represents the stick, preventing the bat’s fangs from biting and sucking blood.

lucky run coin In most casinos you will find windows with bars, not for the police. But it’s meant to prevent players from running away. Because of the ancient Chinese belief that a birdcage is a symbol of imprisonment. Do not let the players want to run away, indulge and play, they will be greedy again. Losing a birdcage will make players want to

revenge. Players should carry a lucky rune coin. Coins that the ancient Chinese would have strung with a red thread. The ancient Thai people may use a one satang coin instead.

Let’s see why some people are lucky to gamble and never lose. because it depends on the moon People who do not have gambling luck should fix their luck at the three elements of life: heaven, earth and people. The sky is like a destiny that has been with you since the past. soil is environment A person is the person who determines the

direction in which he believes. Adding luck will complement all three together, at least to win in gambling.