Explain the rules and regulations in detail.

If talking about Baccarat card games, Baccarat believes that friends Most gamblers must know each other for sure. Because it is a game that is in the gambling game industry. online casino come a long time Make it ranked number 1, the most popular game nowadays anyway. However, despite how famous the game is. There are still many people who do not know this game. Therefore, these groups of people would like to know that what is baccarat or how to play, how to play, rules, rules, what kind of course, and to help newbies understand more Let’s go to the details together.

Rules, rules of online baccarat games. Important things to know

before entering to place a bet to bet on baccarat in the playing room according to various websites What everyone doesn’t know is counting the card points. Need to know how many points each card is assigned to. Because if you know, you can play this game comfortably.

Baccarat card counting rules are as follows:

English letter cards with human faces are J, Q, K and the number 10 card is equal to 0 points
and the letter A card is equal to 1 point.
The other cards have numbers. The face of the card is 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 and 9. The points are equal to the number according to the face of the card.

For example

how to count the points of Baccarat online cards

Suppose that the dealer has dealt 2 cards, i.e., there are cards numbered 4 equal (4 points) and cards numbered 7 equal (7 points),
which the way of thinking is to bring 4 + 7 = 11 points, but playing card games Cara Online, we will use only one last digit. referred to as Baccarat card points Therefore, it can be concluded that If you get a numbered card as in the example You will only have 1 point.

How to play baccarat online the easiest to understand

1. Press to select the desired chip price. (green frame) and then place the chips according to the various options that we need on the baccarat table game (yellow frame) and then press the “Confirm” button as shown in the picture below. In the example, choose to bet on the PLAYER side of 20 baht, the payout ratio is 1: 1

2. Then we don’t have to do anything. Waiting to win results through the screen only The dealer will show the cards to the player’s side, alternating with the banker’s side until 2 cards per side are complete. And the result appears that the PLAYER side card is closer to 9 points than is considered a win, then a new round of games will begin immediately.