Easy roulette 10,000 per day, more than 99.99%.

This formula is European. Friends who read English, it translates again to a formula that is used to solve the cheating of roulette. I can tell you if playing. and then lose, he cheated on you like a god, of course, this formula was created to solve cheating like cheating, but

I’m telling you it’s not easy. That they will cheat you if cheating, they have to cheat on their face, hate it so much that the picture that comes out uses the video editing system (online) because the roulette tray can’t lock the ball to be 100% accurate, no matter how you use it. Any device except it records video and takes the image

that number out to you. But if playing real gambling Bullets may run towards you. If not rehearsing plans with Good friends before playing before playing. Wash your old beliefs out first, and then make sure you believe that they can cheat you. Everything is not real hands so you will find a way to win. his cheating Like what foreigners try

to do, if online, anywhere, the same number can be repeated 3 times. Don’t play with it. It’s not a magnet anymore, but it’s a video editing, cheating, like we lose every door because the magnetic system can’t lock it for sure. we will talk about The only ones that they will let you play are 1- 12 13-24 25-36 bet 1 pays 2 high, low,

black, red, even, odd, don’t mention it. Because most people who play roulette rarely play, bet 1 pays 1 if playing like this. Most of them play baccarat, you can forget about the dealer’s spinning. It’s estimated that they really spin, but it’s not true. There is a system to lock the score. Who hasn’t seen it, type the word roulette

system (language English) You can watch it on YouTube. This system is estimated that there is a magnet around the tray and can be pressed to lock it. The magnet can suck the ball into the desired position. But it’s not so sure, it can be inaccurate 1 – 2 locks, for example, if you play high, means 25-36 bet 1 pays 2. If that turn, you follow too hard and roll over a lot, it will cheat you too. (In case you kill it, it will

collect you.) Spin and press the lock number. It is estimated that you enter the zone number 10, 5 or 4 21 because this zone will miss the lock. But you’re not right Because if it moves, it has only 8 23 10 5 24 16 or 15 19 4 21 2. No matter what, it’s not high. Only eat. Casino doesn’t risk choosing other numbers such as 7 12 3 or 17 6 ​​13 11 because these numbers

In the roulette tray, the numbers that if time will come out and then guess the easiest number is the middle. Because the score will be paired 1519 1822 1420 1624 will be a pair like this If the casino is locked out in the middle You have to log into these numbers because it will be the hardest to miss. If this eye chooses to go

out in the middle Divide the placement into 3 teams, the first one in the front zone 0, covering the height of 500 and placing 6 numbers, which is high red, all 32 25 34 27 36 30, 50 each, using the capital of 800 people, the second zone after 0 covers 500 as well, but Alternate from red to black, 6 pieces 26 35 28 29 31 33 50 each,

cost 800, the last person to place as follows: 15 19 21 23 16 24 18 22 14 20 50 each, cost 500 as follows. Who is right? to play the same Who doesn’t get it, add a number, at least 10 baht each. You can try to prove it. This method was created to protect. To suck the ball with a magnet, if it’s broken The only reason for this is video editing, which can only be done online.